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At a freshman party she doesn't remember...Jess Jordan was almost raped....

almost. very nearly. not quite.


Three years later, Jess has managed to make everyone believe she's better. Over it. Because she is....

almost. very nearly. not quite.



Unfortunately, until Jess proves she's back to normal activities, her parents won't discuss college. So, she lands a summer internship and strikes a deal with hockey jock, Gray Porter: He gets $8,000. She gets a fake boyfriend and a social life. Jess has no idea Gray signed on for reasons other than money. She also never expects to fall in love. But Gray’s amazingly hot, holds her hand all the time, and makes her forget that he’s simply doing his job. It’s like having a real boyfriend...

almost. very nearly. not quite.


Gray Porter is hiding secrets of his own. About Jess Jordan. About why he’s driven to protect her, why he won't cash her checks, or deny her anything she asks.

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