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For more information on these events please visit my awesome >>>  AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE !! If you are going to be at one of these events please tweet me or message me directly because I often make fun swag packs to pass out and want to have enough. It's all about the hugs and the swag, isn't it? :) 


Anne Eliot Events on HOLD!  :(

I've been an MIA writer both before and after the signing in Edinburgh.
My husband and I are fortunate to have all of our parents still living (They are all in their mid to late 80's).

Sadly, one has ALS--(the worst most cruel disease I have ever witnessed). Another is ill with cancer (the other worst and most cruel disease). One with Parkinson's. (We feel 'lucky' here as it is the slow version--but again this is also a cruel and horrid and unfair disease). The last parent, my dear mom.. she's doing quite well but she's the Italian one who never stops rushing. This gets her into balance and falling trouble. She lives the furthest away and is all alone, so I'm trying to get there much more.

My husband recently quit his job, my job is on pause too--and he and I have turned our focus and all free time on to our dear family. We live out of duffel bags and with this new normal we have been able to be present how we want in order to care give to those whom we love and who always love and loved us the most when we needed them. It is truly a labor of love. Together we are all learning so much, too much... and, sadly learning things we never ever wanted to know. 
We are striving along with very broken hearts and manage to be present for them and for our own kids. One whom is getting married during this summer of 2024 as well. (Yay to our Kika and her love, Andrew.)
These past two years have been very intense for us and for our families- but we know these days with our beloved ones are what life is all about. Family is the reason for it all, and how quickly these days eat up time. 

I promise to be back and typing soon... 
xo xo If you even read this, well... I love you for being here, for listening--and I hope to see you in 2026? xo xo 
RARE Scotland! Edinburgh... YAY MAY, 2022

This will be the largest, best signing (and most long awaited) book event Europe has ever seen. It's run by the amazing RARE EVENTS group, and finally it's happening--in May 2022. Even if I have to swim across the ocean, and hike over the moors in my bare feet, I am planning on being at this one. 

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