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Runaway Heart, Anne Eliot Bestselling Author, Rockstar Romance

Runaway Heart

Rockstar, Royce Devlin, has agreed to a fake wedding—as in an old fashioned marriage of convenience.

He's only known the girl, Robin Love, for one week—but he gets that it’s the right thing to do. The wedding saves his career. The plan keeps Robin’s reputation clean. It also keeps her brother out of foster care while they search for her father, who is ARMY, missing in action.


Robin Love agreed to the fake marriage--because she also understands that it’s the right thing to do. These incredible people have offered to help her when she’d thought all was lost, so Robin vows to pay them back by playing the part of a rock star’s wife, perfectly. Only, at every turn, Robin blunders her fashion, messes up press conferences, and is terrified of the looming red-carpet events ahead.


In public, Royce and Robin kiss and hold hands all the time. While in private, they share hotel suites—even a bed (fully clothed, of course). As they tour New York City, then London and Paris, clues about her father surface. Album sales soar and close friendships are formed.

Wrapped in Royce’s arms and faking life for the Paparazzi, Robin often forgets what’s real and what’s not, as does Royce. But when Robin asks Royce to be her first time, ‘because they’re already married,’ Royce nearly loses his mind. When the whole world crashes in, their secrets and plans are almost exposed, and everything starts moving too fast.


Royce understands that he’s lost way more than his mind on this fake relationship. He’s lost his heart on a girl he can’t keep. Worse, this time, no one knows what's the right thing to do—not anymore.

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